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How contract staffing agency works in Mumbai? How is it different from other cities?

Contract worker in factory

How contract staffing agency works in Mumbai? How is it different from other cities?

Contract staffing services are in great demand these days. The reason - contract staffing has become immensely popular owing to its inherent benefits for workers and employers. Contract staffing allows immaculate flexibility to employers and employees alike. No wonder more and more companies look for contract staff to fulfil their vacancies. This spurt in demand for contract staff has led to an increased demand for reliable contract staffing services.

Staffing companies in Mumbai work closely with their clients to fulfil the manpower requirement in the least possible time. If you are from Mumbai and are wondering how a contract staffing agency works in Mumbai, keep reading as this post will shed light on this and more.

The benefits of contract staffing for the business owners

First and foremost, businesses save on costs. Hiring permanent staff is a long and tedious process. Goes without saying, it is a costly one too. There are many instances where there is no need for permanent staff. For example, a small business needs an accountant for 12 hours per week. It does not make sense to hire a permanent accountant for the business when a contract staff would suffice.

Secondly, keeping permanent employees will attract a number of statutory compliances. Whether you have 50 or 5000 permanent employees, you need to adhere to stringent labour laws. Permanent employees are eligible for provident funds, insurance and gratuity in addition to many other benefits. Businesses can easily avoid getting into the maze of legal compliances by going for the contract staffing option.

The third and significant benefit for businesses is saving time. Generally, permanent hiring takes weeks to onboard one employee, whereas, a contract staffing services agency can provide dozens of manpower within a week's time. Saving time could be one of the most lucrative reasons for many companies, especially those engaged in labor-intensive industries like real estate, textiles and other manufacturing plants.

When should you consider taking help from contract staffing services?

Every business is unique, so are the requirements. As such, the need for hiring contract staffing services varies from business to business. However, below are some pointers which would help you decide and make an appropriate decision.

       Your business has an urgent need of a large number of skilled employees for a limited time frame.

       Your business is seasonal and you need people only around the festival time. For example, a hyper-market sees a spurt in footfalls in the months of October to December. In such a case, hiring contract staff for the festival months is the best decision.

       You need a team of software engineers to develop sales funnel software. Clearly, you will not need the services once the software is delivered and successfully implemented. Here, hiring contract staff is the most suitable decision for your requirements.

       You are just experimenting with a new idea. You do not know whether your new business idea will flourish. In such a scenario, instead of burning your cash, you should hire contract staff. If your business takes off as expected, you can retain the brightest ones as permanent employees.

       To cut costs, you are planning to deliberately cut down costs of maintaining a full-fledged HR department.

Now, let's talk about how staffing companies in Mumbai work.

Top-notch contract staffing companies in Mumbai, like Weavings, always have the client's interest at its core. Finding the right candidate for the right position quickly includes a number of activities. A typical contract staffing agency will:

  • Determine the scope of work of its client.
  • Determine the manpower requirement (based on the scope of work).
  • Mobilize its network and resources to get the candidates.
  • Screen the candidates based on the job requirements.
  • Conduct interviews and shortlist the candidates.
  • Do background verification checks, including past employment history.
  • Create individual contracts.
  • Conduct required training.
  • Place the candidates to work for the clients.
  • Get constant feedback on the candidates from the hiring managers.
  • Send another candidate in case, there is a mismatch in the candidate profile or if the candidate resigns.

Hire the best in business

Now you know how contract staffing companies in Mumbai work. In fact, this is the standard modus operandi for a typical contract staffing company across cities. The steps have been carefully calibrated and perfected so the output is consistent. Ace contract staffing companies, like Weavings, always exceed clients' expectations through predictable processes and unmatched support.

If you are looking to hire contract staff for your business, you ought to work with the best in the business. Weavings, is just not another contract staffing agency in Mumbai, it�s your success partner! To discuss your manpower needs, get in touch with our team today!

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