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How to hire blue collar workers fast?

Blue Collar Employee in factory - Weavings Blue Collar Recruiting Agency

Blue collar jobs are the hardest to fill. This fact is very well articulated and widely acknowledged by the organisations globally.  There are many factors contributing to this difficulty of finding right people for these blue collar jobs. Some of them are 'temporary' nature of jobs, low salaries, lack of career growth opportunities, discrimination at the workplaces, no access to benefits of regular employees among others.

So, what makes welders, forklift operators, warehouse workers happy? It turns out that white collars and blue collars want the same thing ? good money. Of course, competitive wages and benefits package are top priorities for workers (or anyone else), but employers have other ways to attract and retain talent. Let's delve deeper to find out how to hire blue collar workers fast and retain them too.

1. Induce sense of pride

People are emotional, blue collar employees are no different. Why do workers of some of the famous car companies feel proud to be working for them? Simply because they have been induced to have an emotional connect to the product they create. They know each car they produce is a masterpiece in its own right. In essence, every HR manager should be able to inculcate the sense of pride in a blue collar employee.

2. Easy evaluation methods

Most blue collar jobs do not need a college degree or the need to undergo rigorous psychometric tests and multiple rounds of interviews. A blue collar recruitment drive can easily become successful if it is custom made for the positions. An easy, streamlined process that has not too many hurdles for the candidates will help in finding the right candidates quickly. The candidates should be evaluated for the practical skills rather than theoretical interview sessions.

3. Training opportunities

This doesn't just mean funding an apprentice program - it's a chance to develop an employee and fill talent gaps. Every employee, whether a blue or white collar, wants to grow and do well in life. When you are able to demonstrate a well-planned training and growth opportunities, you attract talent that is willing to learn and grow. Such people who are always eager to learn are assets you should always look out for.

4. Recruit right people

Of course, it is easier said than done. However, a competent staffing company like Weavings, which specializes in conducting blue collar recruitment drives can help you accomplish this quite easily. One of the factors contributing to high retention is hiring the right people in the first place.

Final words

Blue collar recruitment drives are not easy for any company. Especially, it is a tricky business to recruit right blue collar manpower for the right positions in bulk quickly. The above-mentioned tips can help an organisation to find and retain the manpower. If company can work out a good working environment, competent perquisites and creating opportunities to growth, people will love to work for your organisation.

Looking for a top-notch blue collar recruitment agency? Feel free to get in touch with us for end-to-end blue collar recruitments. This could prove to be one of your best decisions ever!

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