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HRIS- Digitize & Disrupt the HR functions with more power in your hands


In very simple terms, an HRIS system is the amalgamation of HR activities and information technology. An ideal HRIS platform automates and streamlines processes in the employee lifecycle from hiring, on boarding, and training to compensation, benefits, retention, and exit. With most of the functions automated it provide the HR the bandwidth to focus on engagement challenges, increasing productivity, and aligning the human side of the organization with business goals.

We are amidst a digital revolution and organisations must embrace this change positively to grow. There are plenty of reasons why an organisation, whether small, mid-sized or large, should definitely digitize their HR functions by partnering with an HRIS service provider. 

How does partnering with a reliable HRIS service provider benefit organisations?

Organization: With an HRIS, you'll never have to browse through your office cabinets or search through different versions of spreadsheets ever again. All the information that a HR unit requires be easily collected, tracked, updated, and searched within seconds. 

Compliance: A good HRIS service provider will stay on top of regulations impacting HR and adapt their software to make it easy for organizations to meet compliance requirements. For instance, the HRIS by Weavings compliant with all statutory compliance requirements as per the labour law.

Time Savings: Most of the tedious HR processes are made quick and simple with an HRIS. For instance, leave management takes mere seconds to request and approve. Leave balances are tracked automatically. And after setting up leave policies and regional holiday structures, human resource professionals don't have to spend any time maintaining them. There are modules available for the entire spectrum of Human Resources. i.e from hire to retire.

Strategic Initiatives: When the human resources team have fewer operational tasks to manage, they can spend their valuable skills and time on strategic initiatives that improve business outcomes. Today, the role of HR is not restricted to only recruitment and retention but also a critical unit while making key business decision. Improving retention and increasing productivity of all the functions are just a few ways HR can spend their time when they have an HRIS. They can also focus on training and development of the existing employees and getting them ready to be the next set of leaders.

Employee Experience: Good HRIS can help improve employee's perceptions of their organizations. Whether it is smooth and quick on boarding process, or the ability to update request time off, a good HRIS can help employees have a better experience. The organisation that adopt technology and automate their basic HR functions have far better employee satisfaction then the ones that do not.

Easy of work: Who does not like it when you can get a bird's eye view of the entire team or unit and can manage all the HR function with only a few clicks. HRIS tools offered today are highly configurable and can be utilised to automate your organisations HR functions that will reduce of lot of operational work of the HR.

We asked Mr. Nayan Shah- AGM , IT, with Weavings Manpower Solution about his views on HRIS and why organisation must partner with a reliable HRIS services provider and this is what he had to say  "There are two fold advantage of HRIS Services for organisations: Enhances employee experience by providing all HR & Payroll information at their fingertips & enables core Human Resources team to move towards #HR 4.0 ."

Mr. Ashish Talwar, Managing Director, Weavings Manpower Solutions stated, "The pace at which technology is disrupting the HR landscape, organisation who have not partnered with  a reliable HRIS Service provider should, without any delay, start evaluating service partners with dynamic HRIS platforms and implementation capabilities as per their organisational needs. HR's role today has moved from performing a functional/ administrative role to Business partner to Strategic Partner. And today, driven by data, technology, and new interaction models, its role is shifting from managing talent to managing business assets and supporting key business decisions"

Overall, the benefits of an HRIS often outweigh the investment. Of course, one should certainly evaluate the value provided by each HRIS service provider you're considering to ensure you're getting the best fit for your organization. What is also essential is to have a platform that is configurable and can adapt to the every changing dynamics in the HR spectrum.

The future of any human resource team is linked to technological development, and the faster the organisations embrace technology, the better the future of work will be.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors based on their expertise and knowledge of the service.

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