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What Are the Duties and Responsibilities of HR Professionals?

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There was a time when the HR function was considered a burden on the organisation's balance sheet. But times have changed for good. Today, not only HR professionals play an active role in the planning of a company's business objectives, but they play a key role in helping those objectives. There is much more HR professionals do in addition to hiring, training, handling payroll and retaining the manpower.

The fact is, HR plays a pivotal role - defined as well as undefined, in keeping everyone aligned to the company's objective. They achieve this by creating an ambient atmosphere in the office, handling employee-employer niggles, implementing employee-centric policies and benefits among many other roles. One needs to delve deep to see the duties and responsibilities of new-age HR professionals. Some of them might really surprise you, so keep on reading.

1: Participate in the business planning process

In today's companies, HR professionals are an integral part of the business planning process. They actively participate in the top-management meetings that are intended to decide business objectives for the year. Their presence helps in quickly defining the roles, identifying the right people, re-purposing manpower and planning training/orientation programs accordingly. This leads to a faster turn around and quicker response from HR in allocating human assets.

2: Provide career guidance assistance

Earlier, HR professionals used to rate the employees based on the inputs from their reporting managers and sometimes, peers. Today, HR professionals have a bigger role in developing a person's career and ensuring he/she has a clearly defined career path. For this, the HR professionals map manpower with the potential roles, based on skills. The idea is to retain the best manpower through promotions and salary hikes.

This is a win-win for both employee and the organisation. The company does not need to hunt for talented manpower for crucial roles in the future, while employee gets rewards and recognitions at regular intervals.

3: Find and recruit employees who advance the company's goals

Today's HR professionals do more than just post ads and interview job seekers to fill vacancies. With the help from staffing agencies, they promote their companies as ideal places to attract the best available talent. This is the core role of HR professionals which is also the most critical one as the company's success largely depends on the quality of manpower.

4: Serve as a change leader

Modern HR professionals often drive organisational change initiatives. As a result, current HR executives offer powerful project management skills in their corporate toolbox. In conjunction with recruitment companies, experts are helping organisational stakeholders connect change initiatives with strategic needs to minimize resistance to change and employee anxiety.

Shaping an organisational culture, managing employee satisfaction and evaluating the success of change initiatives are all part of the scope of responsibilities of HR professionals in the modern workplace.

5: Employee advocacy

While serving as an employee advocate, HR professionals play a vital role in the success of your organisation. In this regard, human resources experts contribute to creating a work environment in which employees feel satisfied and motivated.

To facilitate these outcomes, HR leaders create a positive culture that empowers employees to deliver exemplary experiences by deploying effective practices such as empowerment, goal setting and open communication.


Today's HR professionals do not play a supportive role. They have a bigger role in defining the organisation's mission and vision. They are tasked to monitor and coordinate organisational activities to ensure the success of various initiatives. Since the role of HR professionals have become so pronounced that organisations are increasingly taking the help of staffing agencies for their manpower requirements.

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