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Support Functions- Contract Staffing Services

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All You Need to Know About Contract Staffing Services Support Functions

Our bulk hiring services offer a means of integrating sustainability into your business operations while executing expert management through our agency, WEAVINGS, which is a reputable temporary staffing company in India that is primed to support businesses that are competing in the global environment. We recognize the vital importance of a shrewd workforce in securing an edge in the epoch of globalization. Consequently, we secure the health of our client's business by dispensing a highly motivated human resource pool equipped with industry-relevant pioneering skills, eliminating the negative impact of attrition and substandard performance.

The FMCG & Pharmaceutical industries in India are one of the most preferred sectors for skilled employees to work in, as per a salary trend research report published by ISF.

Temporary Staffing Services India

Understanding the urgency of requirements & in our quest for embedding excellence in our clients' businesses, we devise innovative people management solutions to achieve workforce stability and quality. Being in the FMCG and Pharmaceutical sector, choosing us as your temporary staffing agency would be beneficial for a long term basis. You need not invest in training and developing your workforce as we perform extensive training programs in concert with industry veterans and domain experts.

Over the following two years, FMCG and pharmaceuticals are expected to expand by 69% from a current 15% level. Organizations and companies will be in need of new talent as a result. Due to the gig economy's impending dominance of the labour market, businesses might consider contract staffing as a viable remedy. For short-term contracts or specialised tasks that meet their needs, businesses may locate the best people.

Curtailing to this our mission is to deliver a diverse array of temporary staff with outstanding oral and written communication skills, ethical business acumen, and logical decision-making, thereby fortifying your business administration. Our associates who work across diverse industries are trained in specific functions and processes and are intrinsically motivated to deliver their best, making us one of the preeminent temporary staffing agencies in India.

To function as a one-stop-shop for bulk hiring & contract staffing, we provide white-collar and blue-collar recruitment services that enable our clients to swiftly and seamlessly fulfil their human resources requirements. Contact our offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, and Kolkata to learn more about our services. Our engagement model ensures visible impact on operational efficiencies and business productivity depending on the nature of FMCG and Pharmaceutical companies in the country , making us a reliable partner for businesses seeking growth and success. We proffer skilled and quality temporary staff for all job roles, including

  • Customer Service Executives
  • Team Leaders
  • Administrative Staff
  • Medical Representatives
  • Factory Supervisors
  • Floor Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Merchandisers
  • Retail Store Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Field Sales Executives
  • Tele-Callers
  • MIS Coordinators

At WEAVINGS, we meticulously weave success into every step that you take towards becoming a leader in your industry.

What types of support staff can I hire through support staff contract staffing services?

You can hire a wide range of support staff through support staff contract satffing services, including administrative assistants, receptionists, data entry clerks, medical representatives, retails sales managers, backend executives and many more support function staff.

How long does it take to hire support staff through contract staffing services?

The time it takes to hire support staff through contract staffing services depends on your specific needs. The recruitment agency will work with you to determine your requirements and provide you with a timeline for hiring.

What is the difference between temporary and permanent support staff?

Temporary support staff are contract employees for a specific period, which means they work on the payroll of a staffing agency and not directly employed with the employer. The contract duration may range from 6 months to 2 years and it keeps getting extended as per the need of the client. Permanent support staff are hired directly by the client. The clients seek help of the recruitment agency to find the suitable candidate and once the candidate is on boarded, he or she directly works for the client on their payroll. The agencies role here is limited to only finding the right talent and does not get into payroll management.