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Advantages of HRIS

HRIS System

We are living in an era where technology plays a key role in all business functions. HR is no different. In fact, since companies are increasingly accepting the fact that their employees are the biggest assets, they are using technology in a bigger way than ever. A survey conducted by PwC in 2020 reveals that more than 74% companies have definitive plans to invest in HR technologies to better manage their human resource capital. And HRIS is one of the major software that the companies happily invest in because of a plethora of its distinct advantages.

If you were searching for a comprehensive post looking for the advantages & of HRIS, you are in the right place!

But before we talk about the advantages of HRIS, it is pertinent to know more about the same. 

HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System, which is a software system used for various tasks in the personnel department. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system collects data about customers, so the HRIS system aims to process candidate and employee data. Here are some of the typical tasks that can be done using an HRIS:

  • Hiring
  • Employee on boarding
  • Attendance Management
  •           Salary processing
  •          Employee assessments
  •          Asset Management
  •          Performance Management
  •         Reimbursement Management
  •         Employee Exit Management 

Most HRIS software can be customized to the specific needs of the organization. So, they become even more powerful tools for the organizations.

Advantages of HRIS

Now that you know what HRIS software is, it?s time to talk about the advantages of an HRIS .

Less Paperwork

First of all, hiring managers don't have to fill out dozens of different physical forms every day. They can store digital resumes, applications and other documents in the software. Same with the ongoing employee assessments, where they need not fill lengthy forms. Ditto for attendance, leave management and time management. Less paperwork means a smaller number of people required and higher efficiencies.

Predictive Wage Management

Timely payment of salaries keeps the employee motivation high. It is essential that salaries are calculated accurately and swiftly so that they can be disbursed on the pre-defined day like a clock-work. HRIS systems helps the business to automate this critical function, thus reducing the dependence on the finance.

Quality Hiring

Many a time business fails to contact the right candidates simply because the CVs get buried in the physical files. With HRIS solutions in place, the hiring managers can shortlist candidates for future openings, interview them when the job opening arises and complete the onboarding process seamlessly. Also, since all the managers have their comments recorded in the system, there is a high degree of transparency, leading to quality hiring.

Data Security

Since you have employee information in one place, you need to make sure it's really safe. Therefore, choose only best HRIS solutions by trusted providers. In the COVID-19 era, it is especially important for people to work from home and access their work system from their home computer. In absence of vigilance, data security could play a big challenge.

HRIS services India

As it is clearly evident that HRIS helps an organization automate HR function, leading to higher efficiency and increased productivity. If you have been looking for the best HRIS solutions for your company, Weavings has the best solution for you.

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