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Our Human Resource Information System is an end-to-end HRIS web-based SAAS application & mobile application (Android & iOS) for the enterprise with a capability to manage the entire gamut of HR functions seamlessly with an aim to achieve higher efficiency. Also referred to as HRMS, the software systematically gathers, stores, analyses, and disseminates human resource-related information to aid informed decision making and facilitate statutory compliance.

A decision to implement HRIS software is one of the strategic actions that create a profound impact on departmental productivity as manual work is significantly reduced. WEAVINGS is a noteworthy People Management Solutions provider who can help you with the setup, implementation and management of this service.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

The HRIS by Weavings covers the following processes comprehensively.


  • Manage hiring requests/job openings, track new requirements or hire backfills against resignations
  • Maintain uniqueness and track source of CVs
  • Parse resumes coming through email or manually uploaded and store data in Candidate database
  • Login for Placement Agency for them to log in and provide resumes (needs Agency license)
  • Integrate with job portals through email and automatically update all resumes received from these sources in the database
  • Integrate the career page with company’s website or use default career page to push jobs seamlessly and received resumes
  • Launch and manage employee referral programs
  • Monitor recruitment through a comprehensive dashboard
  • Track candidates across the process of hiring – shortlisting, interview, offer generation and post-offer
  • Schedule interviews
  • Create offer letters through a configurable approval process and email it to the employee directly
  • Review status and performance against target timelines
  • Transfer candidates who have accepted the offer to HRIS

Using HRIS for the on boarding onboarding process can help you in the following activities.

  • Maintaining records for new joiners can be centrally updated. Fields needed to be updated by HR and by an employee can be defined ensuring accurate record updating
  • Activity checklist for email id creation, asset allocation, document verification, orientation training can be created
  • Additional activities can be added, and their completion tracked
  • Alerts can be sent out to Office Admin / HR Manager / IT Manager to ensure that employee onboarding operations are performed in time
  • Appointment letter can be generated post verification for successful hires
  • The employee can be updated as a no-show / did not join, this bypasses the separation process

Asset Management & Helpdesk

    • Company assets which are being used by employees like laptops, mobile phones, two-wheelers can be managed with this module.
    • Ordering stationery and Business Collaterals like Visiting card.
    • Cab request can be booked and tracked.

Please note: Asset can be mapped to departments and allocation controlled. When a candidate resigns, the allocated assets are highlighted in the tool.

  • Employees can raise and direct their queries to HR / Payroll / Admin / IT / Accounts.
  • Helpdesk query is redirected automatically to the concerned person.
  • Priority and closure of query can be tracked.
  • If there is a requirement for advanced help desk with assignment rules & SLA management, it can be integrated.
  • Customised surveys can be created.
  • Surveys can be released to a defined target group of employees.
  • Reminders for incomplete surveys can be sent from the tool.
  • Analyse results through consolidated reports.

People Management

  • Capture attendance accurately through multiple methods including mobile-based attendance with location-tracking, geo-fencing and with selfie, web-based recording with IP address tracking or integration with an external smartcard-based or bio-metric based attendance recording system.
  • Daily, weekly & monthly attendance can be managed.
  • Employees, Managers and HR Managers have the option of approving attendance or update the status of missing attendance records.
  • Employees can submit work from home, Outdoor Duty (OD) requests to maintain accurate attendance status.
  • Charge Codes can be created and mapped to Projects.
  • Costs can be captured by employee level, and billing rates can be defined for each employee who is part of a project.
  • Daily or Weekly timesheets can be filled by the employee and to be approved by the Manager or Project Manager.
  • Time is filled against Charge Codes which can be tracked as billable or non-billable.
  • Overtime can be captured in timesheets and paid as per overtime schemes once approved in payroll.
  • Summary and detailed reports help in tracking project profitability and employee utilisation levels.

All internal transfer to different department & promotion of employees can be managed through the tool.

  • Intercompany transfer (only applicable if multiple companies are activated).
  • Process of transferring from one company to another within the group is available.
  • Records of employees will be maintained in one database with their complete employment history even if they are transferred multiple numbers of times across companies.
  • Manage Annual Performance Review process through a customizable process which allows you to select from 180 / 360 / Project-based assessments and lends itself to a balanced scorecard based approach.
  • Different performance cycles can be set up within one company with different process design.
  • Define Goals / Performance criteria based on employee profile and templates.
  • Configurable rating scale.
  • Select from Annual, Half Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly review processes.
  • Track targets and actual achievement.
  • Use of self-assessment and manager feedback.
  • Use a quantitative rating and percentages to quantify the year-end employee rating.
  • Define multiple calendars to allow for different holidays for different offices across different time zones.
  • Manage employee rosters/shifts including night shift working.
  • Allow changes in the shift from backdating, automatic correction of attendance times based on shift data if a change is made.
  • Manage any types and any number of leaves, define your leave policies and approval workflows.
  • Customise leave submission, approval workflow for different leave types.
  • Leave without Pay and Leave Encashment options.
  • Compensatory off and restricted holidays options.

Training has become an integral part of the Human Resource or the L&D department of organisations, and hence it is imperative to have it included in our HRIS

  • Employee level training plan can be created based on inputs from the performance cycle or manually updated by the reporting manager. An employee can also request specific training which on approval get included in his training plan.
  • Training calendar can be maintained centrally or by location, can be viewed by all in the company.
  • Training manager can plan for training, create a list of eligible employees, decide the nomination process and share the training content/documents/ reading material associated with the training with employees.
  • Training and trainer feedback can be taken after the training completion.
  • Managers can nominate or withdraw employees confirmed for training based on workload.

Employee exit is an integral part of the employee life cycle and can often be very complicated. This function has also been covered extensively in our module.

  • Separation of the employee due to resignation, management initiated separation, retirement or death can be managed by the tool.
  • Resignation process including submission by Employee, HR or Manager, approval and all clearances can be managed. The checklist can be designed which would be updated by all clearance approvers.
  • Full and final processing and all clearances are managed in the system.
  • Recovery of outstanding advances and assets not returned is supported. The shortfall in notice period can be recovered in full and final.
  • Resignation withdrawal and reinstatement is possible.
  • Exit interviews can be updated by HR or by the employee even after leaving the company.
  • All retirement-related activities can be taken care off through the module.
  • Rewards based on company policy can be created. Rewards can have a citation and/or a cash award.
  • Nomination and approval process can be configured.
  • Frequency reward and limit of the number of rewards given out can be defined.
  • Announcement of rewards to other employees/departments can be controlled through the tool.

With a reliable HRIS, businesses can transform the way they leverage the human capital in their organisations, and reduce the gap between employee productivity and technology. Save a considerable amount of time, money, and resources.

Payroll & Compliance

  • Automatic statutory and optional deductions like VPF, EPF, EPS, ESI, LWF, Professional tax.
  • Generation of compliance-related documents like monthly PF ECN, Quarterly 24Q files, ESI input file, Form16 Part B.
  • Can be used for both Salary and Expense reimbursements as a part of monthly salary.
  • Map Monthly and Annual Taxable, Tax-free and Perquisite salary heads.
  • Employees can request advances and loans which are then recovered from payroll.
  • Employees can manage their own pay through Flexi benefit design option.
  • Salary increments with retrospective effect and payment of arrears.
  • Employees can take an advance based with proper approval workflow. Payments can be made through bank transfer or cash or cheque.
  • Advances can be set-off against expense claims or automatically recovered in payroll based on rules.
  • Expense claim process includes approval by the manager, approval by accounts, verification by payables team and tracking of actual payment.
  • Complex policies for managing claims like travel, stay, per diem, employee engagement, monthly mobile expenses etc. can be modelled, claims that are within the policy can be auto-approved, and those violating the policy can be exception approved.
  • Expenses can be tagged to Projects, Customers for proper accounting.
  • Receipts or other documents can be attached with the voucher; claims can be in one currency and payment can be in another currency.
  • To have transparency of the process, employees will have complete visibility on the status of their requests.
  • The Full and Final settlement process which is a very integral part of an employee life cycle can also be effectively managed through the module.
  • Employees can download their salary slips, salary certificate, tax calculations sheet and generate their nomination forms through the tool.
  • Employees can submit statements for Tax Savings, Other Income, House Rent, VP.
  • Information on LTA and also company loans can be modelled and used for salary reimbursements and deductions.

Why should you go for HRIS solutions by Weavings Manpower Solutions?

Digital transformation is no longer a future state, or something to reconsider for the next fiscal year, it’s an initiative that needs to be woven into the very fabric of an organization. Successful digital transformation is not just about technology; it’s about transforming the way you do business and manage your workforce from the ground up.

The impact of technology on organizations of every size and sector is infinite, and we know the pace of disruption is accelerating. Organizations needs to bring in innovation, agility, and objectivity through technology. Our HRIS services will change the way you manage your workforce and will increase your organisation productivity and also will help you save a lot of time which goes in administrative tasks. We have ensured that our clients always get the best modules that suit their need.

If your organisation is looking for the best HR software solutions provider, you have reached the right place. Our team can help you with a FREE online demonstration of the modules that can help you manage your workforce more efficiently.

Our Payroll module is entirely compliant with Indian & UAE payroll regulations.

Please note - Payroll for Retainers is also supported through Payroll & Compliance module.

Any changes in statutory laws are updated on the tool, ensuring compliance are met & adhered to.

Weavings act as your strategic partner to align the organisations human resource function with corporate goals through our fully-integrated Human Resource Information System.