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Payroll Management is one of the critical human resource functions that need a strategic approach for the right outcomes. Under the light of changing laws and regulations and flexible working modes, companies often lack the expertise of handling the payroll processing in-house. Thus, they end up with upfront challenges put forth by an inefficient payroll management process.

WEAVINGS is a trustworthy name in Payroll Management Services, with hands-on experience of having managed & payrolled over 100,000 plus associates across various sectors. We act as a partner with our clients while we inspire them to focus on their core competencies and leave payroll management to us. We are a leading payroll outsourcing company in india, with whom you can entrust the task of processing payroll for your employees.

We facilitate streamlined payroll management services with the help of attendance and payroll modules that full-fledgedly integrates with internal and external systems. We collect, collate and process employee attendance while incorporating shift and leave details with the highest accuracy. The comprehensive data is then linked with employee payroll management system. Our technology-driven platform ensures that the data is accurately captured and assimilated before it gets published. We also provide a mobile interface that enables clients to record attendance and leaves daily.

Payroll Management Services India

Our dedicated team of payroll specialists and domain experts assists clients by providing them tailor-made payroll solutions with inbuilt flexibility and high data confidentiality. We possess the competence to develop customised payroll models for multi-disciplinary services and multiple industrial segments like FMCG organisations, e-commerce firms, manufacturing firms, engineering units and pharmaceutical companies while keeping a high degree of transparency and ensuring cent per cent compliance.

So whether you are a conglomerate with a network of companies or a single firm, payroll outsourcing can be the strategic decision that empowers you to invest time in managing your core business.

Our robust payroll administration acts as a catalyst for the transformation you are looking for. When you don’t want to and can’t manage all payroll processes in-house, think of payroll outsourcing to an experienced provider like Weavings.

What benefits can you derive when you choose to outsource your Payroll?

  • Shorter turnaround time
  • Aligned payroll functions under one umbrella
  • Flawless documentation process
  • Risk mitigation
  • High-end data security
  • Multiple reports for an informed decision making
  • Efficient resolution of queries
  • Adherence to statutory compliance regulations with timely reporting
  • Cost-saving
  • Productive hours to invest in your business instead of payroll management

Why should you choose Weavings?

  • Performance-driven payroll management services
  • Highly qualified team of professionals
  • Reliance on advanced technology
  • Single point of contact
  • Client-centric solutions
  • Local and national experience

WEAVINGS is a renowned payroll management company provider, committed to delivering value at every transaction. We help businesses enhance their competitive advantage by harnessing our distinctive competency in payroll management. Get in touch with our Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida and Kolkata offices.