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Contract Staffing Agency's Role in Gender Diversity

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Let's see how a contract staffing agency helps woman's empowerment in business. Of late, Indian women have been excelling across all domains, be it sports, business, social service, arts, or any other field. India proudly boasts over 12% female commercial pilots, whereas, the United States has around 5.5% women pilots flying commercial planes.

Research conducted by multiple agencies has shown that having more women in the workforce increases productivity. They are known to possess better soft skills and emotional intelligence.

Still, women have always been considered weaker than men intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Much of this belief comes from the patriarchal culture and societal norms rather than the fact. Thankfully, now modern organizations are breaking the glass ceiling and including more women in prominent roles, including leadership roles.

Contract staffing agencies help women's power shine

Women outpace men whenever and wherever they get the right opportunities. A shining example of women's power is HEM Corporation Private Limited, a Mumbai-based company. The company is a manufacturer and exporter of incense sticks and other aroma products. It has a workforce of around 600 people, out of which 450 are women. So, this company is a sterling example of women empowerment with over 75% women workforce! Not only, do they have women in blue-collar roles but they have around 45% women as heads of the departments! Not surprisingly, the slogan they follow is - Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow!

Initiatives that enhance women's empowerment

Dignity, security, and a conducive workplace atmosphere ? are the things women employees care for the most. There are some other factors that not only help women deliver higher productivity but these steps will also ensure women's empowerment in the true sense. Let's talk about them in detail.

1. Conducive work environment

Businesses can only flourish when the untapped potential of the women workforce is fully utilized. It can only happen when they get a conducive work environment, where they are appreciated and encouraged to use their creativity and reach their potential to achieve business goals.

2. Flexibility in work 

Post-covid, the concept of hybrid working has become pronounced. All major companies are allowing their manpower to work in a hybrid mode, where they are required to attend the office physically 2-3 times a week. For women, this is even more important as they also have family priorities. Flexibility in work increases their level of happiness as it gives them the leverage of handling both homes as well as work responsibilities efficiently. At lower levels also, flexibility in roaster helps women plan better and deliver better results.

3. Mentorship programs

An effective and well-laid mentorship program can help women employees grow in their careers rapidly. Such programs not only help women employees in career progression but they help companies grow faster as women make the most of such programs and help in increasing the overall productivity of the business.

4. Equal pay for equal work

This is a concern area as only a handful of companies offer equal pay for equal jobs. If an organization can adopt equal pay in a true sense, it will greatly help the company grow rapidly as women are known to be more diligent and loyal. Pay parity will increase their stickiness with the company, which in turn, will increase overall productivity.

5. Liberal leave policy

Many companies are adopting liberal leave policies to accommodate the varied needs of women employees. No wonder, these companies are highly revered and are preferred employers for women.

Women empowerment is the way to go

Working women were a rarity a few decades ago. It's a reality that more women are entering the workforce every year and they are advancing to the higher corporate ladder more than ever before. Women empowerment is just not a fancy term, it has profound consequences, both for the business, the country, and the world at large. Not only it improves the company's image, but it also improves access to a wider talent pool.

If you are among those companies who are looking to improve gender diversity and consequently, intend to recruit a bulk women workforce, you will need a reliable blue-collar agency to accomplish your mission. Weavings are one of the renowned contract staffing services which offer a bouquet of HR services, including payroll services and staffing services.

Weavings - Contract staffing agency are proud to have a varied talent pool of women workforce and can help your business accomplish women empowerment goals like a charm! Get in touch with our experts today.

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