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Contract Staffing Services in Delhi/NCR

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With the work environment constantly shifting to meet both organizational and individual preferences, staffing also needs to evolve to meet the requirements of both parties. Effective hiring of qualified candidates who are available immediately on a contractual basis is what organizations are looking for to ensure projects are completed by an individual with the appropriate skills without having to hire a permanent employee who would bear higher costs to the company.

Contract Staffing Services in Delhi/NCR

Contract staffing is a recruitment type that caters to sudden expected staffing requirements or requirements for highly skilled individuals for a short period of time. Another appealing element of this form of hiring is the ability to outsource the complete process to a contract staffing agency. The agency takes care of interviewing, processing, compliance, and even payroll processes. Furthermore, such agencies even have a set of skilled candidates who are available for hire on an immediate basis and prefer contract work.

Weavings Contract Staffing Solutions

Weavings offers contract staffing services in Delhi NCR catering to a variety of industries across business verticals. A few of the industries we cater to that are relevant to the economy in Delhi NCR are Banking, Finance, Real Estate, Tourism, Logistics, IT, and more.

Our services include all processes from the beginning to the end of hiring candidates. This includes preliminary profile shortlisting interviewing, practical tests, document accumulation, and even post-employment processes such as salary processing and compliance management.

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Benefits of Choosing Contract Staffing Services in Delhi/NCR from Weavings

Weavings is a professional staffing agency that provides fast and effective contract staffing services in Delhi NCR to companies looking to obtain efficiency by lowering hiring costs and increasing output. Take a look at other advantages to organizations in Delhi when choosing Weavings Manpower Services to complete their workforces:

  • National Presence:
    Weavings operates pan-India and is able to source the best candidates for your requirements across India. We are able to find local candidates that are an excellent fit for the requirements alternatively, we are able to source remote candidates when local candidates do not fit the requirements.
    Our presence throughout India is what makes Weavings Manpower Solutions a complete solution that will deliver to companies throughout the country regardless of location, requirements, and restrictions accompanying the requirements.
  • Network of Diverse Skilled Professionals:
    Our presence throughout India is what makes Weavings Our agency is constantly interviewing candidates and entering them into our database based on skills, industry, and job designation. This ensures that we constantly have an updated and rapidly available group of appropriate candidates available to companies looking for such skilled resources.
    Rapid access to the right candidates will help companies pick up on productivity and meet strict deadlines even though essential members may not have been present due to unforeseen circumstances or unexpected resignations.
  • Affordable Services with Guaranteed Results:
    Searching from scratch for the ideal candidate is a time and money-consuming process that doesn’t guarantee success. But, approaching an expert contract staffing agency will be the better option. These agencies work fast to search through their databases for candidates with the appropriate skills and qualifications.
    Once narrowed down, and all preliminary and availability checks are made, the agency sends the shortlisted candidates to the organization for face-to-face interviews for final checking. Only the best candidates will be sent for the final round and one will be selected!
  • Skill-Based Hiring:
    Every project is different and Weavings makes it possible to seek out custom contract staffing services in Delhi NCR to get candidates with in-demand skills available in the shortest possible time frame. Each candidate is pre-vetted to ensure no disruption to the work cycle.
    We provide qualified staff on a contractual basis, be it weeks, months, and on some occasions years as well. Contracts can be customized to suit the duration of a project whatever it may be.
  • Assistance in Managing Compliance & Payroll:
    Weavings has its own HRIS software and payroll and compliance services that will reduce strain on internal resources. We are highly professional at handling these delicate matters and will step up to relieve internal HR departments of such processes
    Managing deadlines to fill out compliance forms and credit salaries could further add to the list of tasks companies have to execute. It becomes difficult and tiresome for a short-staffed HR department, especially if the appropriate software is not available to help manage such tasks. This is where Weavings' contract staffing services in Delhi NCR will make a difference.
    When time is of the essence and organizations are looking to lower hiring costs but increase productivity, contract hire is the best solution that won’t compromise the quality of services. Trust Weavings to deliver the best contract staffing services in Delhi NCR to fulfill workforce goals not just on paper but in practice as well.


What are the most common industries you provide staffing services?

Weavings specializes in providing skilled staff in several different fields of industry such as Logistics, Engineering, Customer Support, Management, Human Resources, and many more depending on requirements.

Where are Weavings offices located?

Although Weavings main base is in Mumbai, our staffing agency is able to operate and cater to organizations pan-India. We have regional offices in North and South India and carry out operations throughout all our offices.

What other services does Weavings offer apart from recruitment?

Apart from staffing services Weavings also offers payroll and statutory compliance services for clients. Additionally, the company has developed Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software that can be used to manage contract staff.

Do you also offer permanent staffing services?

Yes, Weavings caters to both contract staffing services and permanent recruitment services, meaning companies with varying requirements can find their fit with us.