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Contract Staffing Services in Kolkata

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Kolkata is known for being an important part of the Indian economy, where several sectors are booming in the state. These include Mining, Trade, Manufacturing, Finance, and many more. Thus, such sectors require the right talent to ensure that companies remain productive and profitable without having to increase staff spending exponentially. Is your Kolkata-based company searching for qualified team members who are only needed for particular projects or a specified amount of time? Weavings has the solution in the form of Contract staffing services in Kolkata.

What are Contract Staffing Services in Kolkata?

Contract staffing refers to services that offer companies and candidates the opportunity to work together on a contractual basis, that is for a specified amount of time. This saves companies money by not having to employ them permanently and allows candidates the opportunity to learn, apply their skills, and experience a good work-life balance.

Organizations can utilize contract staffing services to keep staffing costs to a minimum while ensuring high output without compromising the quality standards of their work. The contracts drawn up are customizable and can range from weeks, months, to years. Or else they can even be made to start and end depending on what projects are selected and when.

Weavings Contract Staffing for Every Requirement

Many years in the staffing industry have equipped us for any requirement sent our way. By partnering with several companies from different industries and stages of growth, we understand the particular requirements before we start to match candidates to the requirements.

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Why Choose Weavings Contract Staffing Services in Kolkata

Weavings Manpower Solutions is a renowned and trusted name when it comes to outsourcing hiring to a staffing agency, We have made a name for ourselves by being the number one solution for companies seeking out qualified professionals to work on an immediate and contractual basis.

Organizations benefit in more ways than one when they choose to partner with Weavings. Take a look at why we are the best option for staffing:

  • Time-Efficient Talent Acquisition:
    Higher demand for particular skills, unexpected loss of resources, and changing work environments are all situations responsible for immediate requirements for particularly skilled individuals within any organization.
    Weavings do not start from scratch when carrying out the process to fulfill staff requirements. Our contract staffing agency is already ahead of the curve and is constantly conducting interviews and analyzing candidates to categorize them and match them with organizations seeking their specific talents. Thus, we can rapidly provide experts to organizations seeking them.
  • Large Network of Skilled Experts:
    As a provider of contract staffing services in Kolkata, Weavings has access to a massive network of skilled professionals who have adequate experience and qualifications to help you achieve your output goals.
    Our network consists of an extensive network of experts, running from medium to senior experience levels, meaning our candidates will never be less experienced than expected. We keep updating our database and adding new skilled individuals to ensure we never face a shortage of any requirements.
  • Pan-India Operations:
    Although contract staffing services in Kolkata are a special service we offer, we cater to organization staff requirements wherever they may be situated in India. Our network of candidates is spread throughout India and this is how we are able to supply candidates even in time-sensitive situations.
    Headquartered in Mumbai, Weavings also has regional offices in North and South India which are also engaged in talent-seeking activities which is why we have the best skilled experts from across the country. We are capable of helping you overcome location barriers and are even able to find skilled candidates who are willing to relocate or work remotely.
  • Quality Candidates:
    Each of the candidates we refer to partnering organizations is qualified, experienced, and has exceptional character to ensure they seamlessly fit into any work culture and company. Also, these candidates have experience in the professional arena and are able to collaborate and deliver the skillset that is expected of them in the best manner.
    Furthermore, these candidates are ready to work on a contractual basis and will be available to start as soon as required. Our candidates are genuine and put through precise vetting. There are no instances of unqualified candidates with forged documents as we are thorough in our search to find your organization the very best replacement for lost resources.
  • Compliant With Government Regulations:
    Compliance with government regulations can take up valuable time for several staff members such as human resource executives, project team members, and even managers to whom the newly recruited members will be reporting.
    When you choose Weavings, we take care of these processes so your staff can get back to doing their job. Trust us to ensure all regulations are being covered with the correct processes.


Will Weavings find an appropriate candidate and handle all paperwork?

Apart from handling talent acquisition from start to finish, Weavings will also handle the paperwork regarding labor laws, compliance, and salary, thereby reducing the stress on the organization's resources.

Does Weavings start the hiring process from scratch?

Weavings already have a massive network of candidates. First preference is given to candidates in our network who have the respective skills and experience needed by the company. If these pre-existing candidates are not suitable we search for new candidates that suit the exact requirements of the client.

Why should I choose contract staffing services over permanent recruitment?

If your requirements are tied to a particular project, contractual-based hiring is best as the project will conclude and leave no use for the employed staff. The use of contract staff saves time and money which can be invested elsewhere in the company.

Are Weavings contract staffing services available in cities other than Kolkata?

Yes, Weavings operates nationally and will cater to any organization’s requirements coming from anywhere in India.