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Best Sources to Hire Blue collar Employees

Finding blue collar resource who can be trusted & are efficient a huge task for any employer.

India is clocking a remarkable come-back after sluggish two years. Businesses across all sectors are witnessing a surge in trade. Infrastructure, led by expressways being made at a record-breaking pace, is creating umpteen blue-collar jobs. Other resurging core sectors like cement, steel and textile are also helping create a consistent demand for blue-collar jobs.

Then there is a plethora of other industries like e-commerce, transportation and logistics, which are pushing the demand for the blue-collar jobs in India. If you want to hire blue-collar employees but are not sure where to find them easily, you are in the perfect place as we are going to discuss in this blog post.

Who are blue-collar workers?

Blue-collar workers do jobs that require a physical effort and they are part of the labour force. Blue-collar workers typically include plumbers, electricians, construction workers and others that perform manual labour jobs on the project's site.

 Now, let's see which the sources from where you could find them are. One of the sources could be reputed permanent staffing services, like Weavings. A blue collar recruitment agency usually has a comprehensive list of vocational graduates from local institutions. In addition, some larger companies maintain a list of candidates in regional offices and can refer candidates to hiring managers that fit their requirements.

These are a few sources/websites for hiring blue-collar employees:

1. Weavings.in

2. Aasaan Jobs

3. Saral Rozgar

4. Chirag ka Rozgar

5. Kaam 24

6. Nano Jobs

Weavings happens to be a top-notch blue-collar contract staffing company which can help you to hire blue-collar workers effortlessly. Our team of experienced recruiters meticulously matches employers� needs with hardworking employees willing to do any job offered. Through our extensive industry experience, we have gained the expertise required to customise each search and provide the most suitable candidates in the shortest time frame.


Since there is a dearth of blue-collar employees, owing to huge demand, hiring the right blue-collar employees can be a challenge. A blue collar recruitment agency can help with all aspects of hiring blue-collar workers. If your company is looking to hire, they can help find your ideal candidate.

Staffing companies in Mumbai, like Weavings, assist you with a successful hire no matter your staffing needs , permanent, temporary, or executive.

We know the local market, understand your needs and are committed to finding quality candidates for your business. Whether you are hiring for a contract position or full-time, we can help.

For now, you can rely on us to fulfil your blue-collar employees! Get in touch with us today!

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