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Blue Collar Jobs in the Future: What to Expect

The future of blue collar jobs is surely brighter than ever before.

Future of Blue Collar Jobs

The future of blue collar jobs is surely brighter than ever before. And there are a couple of obvious reasons for that. First, the Covid19 pandemic has forced a large chunk of migrant labour to return to their native towns. Many of these have become self-employed and are not going to return back to the cities.

Second, the central government's PLI scheme (Production Linked Incentive), which covers many sectors like telecom, automobile, battery, pharma, food, textiles and steel, is already yielding results. The government of India is offering 4% to 6% incentives to the companies that fulfil the parameters of the PLI scheme. Samsung, currently the biggest mobile manufacturer in the world, has expanded its biggest plant in Noida and it employs close to 10000 workers.

Now, let's discuss the future of blue collar jobs in detail.

What is a blue collar job?

Before we talk about the nuances and future of blue collar jobs in India, it is important to know what a blue collar job is in the first place.

Well, basically all jobs which require physical labour like a worker in a manufacturing plant, forklift operator, crane operator, construction worker, warehouse worker, machine operator, cutting technician, welding technician among others come under blue collar jobs.

Many people confuse blue collar jobs with unskilled labour but that is not true. In fact, most of these jobs require training and a high level of skill set. For example, a forklift operator requires training and certification before he/she can operate the machine.

The future of blue collar jobs?

As mentioned in the beginning, the government of India is pushing for GDP growth through various incentive programs, ease of doing business initiatives and other legislations. In fact, before Covid19 struck, the government had set a goal to become a $5 trillion economy by 2025. Many programs were initiated keeping this goal in mind. Let's see some of them briefly.

One Lakh+ Crore Infra Push

In late 2019, the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman had unveiled Rs. 102 lakh crore of infrastructure projects slated to be completed by 2025.

The projects identified are in sectors such as power, railways, urban irrigation, mobility, education and health. This is by far the biggest infra push by the government ever. Goes without saying, with such a big infra push in so many core sectors, millions of jobs will be created and the bulk of them will be blue collar jobs.

Smart City Mission

The Smart City Mission was launched in June 2015 with an aim to make these cities citizen-friendly and sustainable. A total of 100 cities were selected in five rounds. The total funding outlay for the mission is Rs.48000 crore spread over 5 years. The deadline for the completion of the projects was set between 2019 and 2023.

However, as of July 2019, the effective combined completion of all projects in terms of value was just about 11%. This means 1000's of blue collar jobs will be available in these 100 cities across India in the next few years as the projects are likely to spill over to at least next five years.

PLI Scheme

As briefed above, the Production Linked Incentive Scheme is already expanding the economy as several focus sectors are expanding their production capacities or installing new manufacturing plants to take advantage of a lucrative 5% (average) incentive from the government.

PLI scheme will also help in boosting the exports as the industries will be able to compete at the international level owing to the incentive. 100s of 1000s of blue collar jobs will be crated as companies install new plants or expand capacities across the country.

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