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How can start-ups benefit by outsourcing Payroll Services?

Boom in startups in India has resulted into a challenge for finding talent and payroll services

India is witnessing a tremendous growth trajectory when it comes to start-ups. Already, it has jumped to the number three position in the world for having the most unicorns. Only the USA and China are ahead of India. However, finding the right talent and other HR-related services like payroll and compliance management remain the biggest challenges faced by start-ups today.

For instance, the challenge of managing the employee's tax records and employee information is a tedious job for most start-ups since they are focused on business growth. Instead of dealing with complicated payroll, you should choose payroll services. This will make your and your employee's life much easier!

Well, not sure about the payroll services? Let us make it easy for you to understand! You have to pay salaries to your staff every month for the services rendered by them, this is essentially the payroll. When you outsource all the work related to salary payments to another company, it is called payroll services.

Payroll service providers will take off the burden of the entire gamut of salary calculations, attendance, sick leaves, regulatory compliances and taxes. This means, you, as a start-up, can focus on developing your business rather than getting distracted by other nuances.

Most payroll services have online software that allows you access to the staff details anytime and anywhere. The employees can access, edit or update their details themselves. It also allows access to the administrators and HR managers of the companies. This makes the entire HR journey a breeze.

How to choose a payroll service?

Here are some important points that can help you when selecting the right agency to fulfil your company's needs for payroll services:

  • Assess your business requirements to make sure you look for the features that are relevant to your business. These elements will determine your budget for the payroll service.
  • Most companies hire contract staffing services which provide a bouquet of services like HR support, administration as well as tax filing services. Your start-up would benefit in the true sense if you outsource all your HR needs instead of piecemeal outsourcing. Take a considered decision accordingly.
  • Budgeting - Once you have decided the services you need to outsource, it should be easy to estimate how much you will be able to invest.
  • Research thoroughly prior to signing the contract with a payroll service. Check out various plans and compare costs prior to making the final call.

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