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Human Resource Information System (HRIS)- How Does it Streamline the Entire HR Function and Help Save Time and Cost

Human Resource Information System India

Human Resource activities need to be redefined and synchronised with organisational goals in today's competitive industrial landscape. Traditional hierarchical structures of control and coercion make little sense today in an era which prioritises social networking, democratisation and participation and where communication patterns are undergoing a drastic change. Quick decision making is the need of the hour requiring prompt and reliable data.

Today is a new age of young HR officers equipped with specialised IT knowledge who can analyse data accurately through a comprehensive and continuous human resource information system in an organisation.

It is estimated that the global HR software market will grow at a CAGR of 2.4% touching $9.2 billion by 2024. The HR software ecosystem is witnessing rapid growth as employees are feeling the urge to invest in sophisticated and tech-driven HR solutions.

What is Human Resource Information System?

HR is no longer a mere record-keeping staff function. It is a crucial managerial function requiring managers to process data and information and make them readily available to the top management, line managers and employees.

Simply put, Human Resource Information System is a comprehensive technological solution used to acquire, store, modify, analyse, retrieve and distribute relevant information related to the human resources and personnel activities of an organisation.

Information is an invaluable asset. If rightly used through an efficient HRIS, it will help improve an organisation's operations, enhance departmental productivity, promote innovation and provide optimum satisfaction to employees by maintaining an integrated work culture and environment.

WEAVINGS is one such reliable provider of people management solutions enabling integration and streamlining of various HR functions while reducing time spent on routine administrative tasks and eliminating wasteful expenditure on redundant staff.

How does HRIS help streamline the various HR functions?

WEAVINGS offer the following services across various HR functions:

  • Hiring: Managing job openings, resignations and new requirements. Track and parse CVs via emails and manual uploads. Integrating with job portals through mail and updating candidate data received from these sources in their own database. Maintaining a comprehensive recruitment dashboard and tracking candidate's journey through the process of shortlisting, interview, offer and post-offer. Managing employee referral programmes and so on.
  • Onboarding: Generating appointment letters for new hires. Document verification of new joiners, maintaining an activity checklist for email creation, asset allocation, orientation and training. Sending alerts to concerned managers to ensure onboarding activities are managed on time.
  • Asset Management: Managing cab bookings, distribution of company assets to employees such as laptops, vehicles, phones and stationery items.
  • Attendance and leave management: Managing daily weekly and monthly presence. Recording attendance through mechanisms like mobile-based attendance via location tracking, biometrics and web-based attendance via IP address tracking. Managing outdoor duty requests for work from home attendance. Filling out daily or weekly timesheets to be approved by respective managers that allow for capturing overtime. Providing a detailed report on employee utilisation levels and project profitability.
  • Managing Expense and Advance Claims: Managing advance claims through proper workflows. Proper accounting for expenses tagged to projects and customers. Managing policy approved claims related to travel, accommodation and mobile bills and other costs not within system through approvals from concerned managers. Attaching relevant receipts, vouchers and other documents for verification. Employees can track the status of their requests.
  • Training and Development: Developing a training plan, training material, list of eligible employees, training calendar, allowing for withdrawals and nominations and a forum for feedback.
  • Helpdesk, Surveys and Announcements: Helpdesk queries raised by employees is redirected automatically to HR/Payroll/IT/Admin/Accounts. Tracking query status. Customise surveys for a target group of employees and send reminders for completing them. Consolidating reports and analysing the results.
  • People Management: Managing transfers and promotions and maintaining employment history. Managing annual performance reviews allowing for customisation based on a selection from 180/360 project-based assessments and balanced scorecard based approach. Setting performance goals, standards and rating scales. Managing separation of employees via resignation, death or retirement. Managing clearances and approvals for separation, resignation withdrawals, exit interviews and retirement procedures.
  • Reward and Payroll Management: Managing nominations for awards and announcing them to concerned employees and departments. Deciding on frequency and number of rewards. Automatic statutory and optional deductions like ESI, VPF, EPF and Professional tax. Generating compliance files like FORM 16, ESI input file and PF ECN. Mapping taxable, tax-free and perquisite salary heads. Managing salary increments and arrear payments.

WEAVING ensures alignment with the HR goals of an organisation through the integration of the various subsystems of an organisation with the help of an efficient HRIS while maintaining the confidentiality of information.

WEAVINGS is a noteworthy People Management Solutions provider with an end-to-end HRIS web-based SAAS application for the enterprise with a capability to manage the entire gamut of HR functions.

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