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Leveraging Technology in Contract Staffing: AI's Role in Talent Acquisition

Technology in contract staffing

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  • What is Artificial Intelligence, and How is it Relevant to Contract Staffing Services?
  • 5 Ways to Leverage AI for Contract Staffing Services
  • Key Notes
  • FAQs

With staffing requirements increasing and specialised needs arising, leveraging technology in contract staffing services becomes necessary. Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes a powerful and beneficial tool when used correctly and applied in the right area. Contract staffing agencies and companies can reap the benefits of adding AI to the hiring process.

This blog takes a look at what role technology plays in acquiring the very best talent.

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What is Artificial Intelligence, and How is it Relevent to Contract Staffing Services?

Artificial Intelligence refers to developing programs that have human-like intelligence. This is the ability to perform most tasks that a human can, except the ones that involve human emotion.

This comes in use for performing time-consuming tasks that are repetitive and would attract human error. Technology acts with great precision and chances of errors are slim to none. In fact, the only error possible is incorrect algorithms which come down to human error.

AI in staffing services can make the process run a lot smoother and quicker. Time-consuming processes are eliminated, allowing agencies to apply their resources to other tasks.

It also allows agencies to make a more personalised experience for candidates and clients.

5 Ways to Leverage AI for Contract Staffing Services

Wondering how something like technology can influence human resources. These are five methods in which technology or to be more precise AI is changing the way we hire staff.

1. Automated Candidate Screening

Initial candidate screening can be a long, repetitive, and tiring process. This is especially true if it's a manual process that HR executives must carry out. Technology paves the way to make the screening process more efficient and stress-free.

Using resumes, cover letters, applications, and recommendation letters, AI can recognise:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Candidate strengths and weaknesses

It will be able to extract these details rapidly and efficiently. Using this information, it can even start to match candidates with requirements. Thus, making contract staffing services more efficient and cost-effective.

2. Greater Ability to Source Suitable Candidates

More information means a better way to serve clients and candidates. AI-powered programs can scour the internet to find new ways to attract candidates.

This will please staffing agencies who may be running out of candidates for staffing services. These are in addition to the traditional ways that staffing agencies usually source their candidates.

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This technology can easily browse through job boards, professional networks and social media to get candidates. This helps temporary staffing agencies expand their candidate network. Doing this works to their advantage as they can fill vacancies faster and with greater precision.

3. Creating Personalised Hiring/Interviewing Experiences

AI-powered algorithms can learn and adapt fast. This makes it possible for candidates to experience a customised interview process.

These algorithms watch user behavior and then interact based on the observed preferences. Methods in which AI provides a personalized contract staffing services experience include:

  • Better data collection
  • Customised job recommendations
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Effective and timely screening and interviewing

Through this, candidates and temporary staffing agencies are likely to have a better relationship. This will make working together a fruitful process for both parties.

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4. Collection of Data for Analytical Purposes

Using technology such as AI requires an immense amount of data. This information will help to train the AI and create more effective algorithms. Going forward these algorithms will be able to better help staff deliver contract staffing services.

Staffing agencies will benefit by having more information. They can effectively understand trends and patterns in their services. This helps to retain clients, better match candidates to requirements, and succeed in their goals.

Using this technology will greatly aid staffing agencies and clients. It also helps the agencies provide better staffing services as they make data-driven decisions.

5. Reduces Waiting Time With Immediate Responses

A lot of time goes between candidates and staffing agencies communicating, further delaying the hiring process. Technology and more specifically AI will speed up the process by eliminating communication delays.

Temporary staffing agencies can use chatbots to deliver immediate responses to candidates. This keeps the ball rolling while staffing agents are away or off work. Training chatbots with prescribed query-based responses is highly useful.

These chatbots also help to reduce the dependency on human resources. Technology can do tasks faster and with more accuracy. This helps to develop an efficient system that staffing agencies can succeed with.

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Key Notes

Regardless of whether you like it or not, technology is changing business and shaping the workforce. Business owners need to accept it and providers of contract staffing services need to embrace it.

  • AI helps in talent acquisition by:
  • Automating candidate screening
  • Sourcing candidates easily
  • Personalising the interview/hiring process
  • Collecting data for analytics
  • Speeding up the communication process

With all these advantages, you can?t deny that AI can transform staffing services, for the better!


Q.) Can AI find better candidates?

Ans. AI can find qualified candidates based on their documents. It is ultimately the contract staffing services provider who will carry out final interviews and match them to companies. Also, note that AI will not be able to understand candidate skills through interviews for many reasons.

Q.) Are contract staffing services more effective than AI?

Ans. No, AI is not a replacement for staffing agencies. However, when used by a staffing agency, AI can lead to better candidate screening and a more efficient process. Using technology may also lead to time and cost-savings for both parties.

Q.) Is staffing services actually cost-efficient?

Ans. Yes, hiring a third-party staffing agency will reduce the cost of having your company undertake hiring processes. Also, these agencies already have a candidate network, making the process that much easier. 

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