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The Benefits of the Master Vendor Model of Recruiting

Master Vendor Recruitment Model - Infographic Structure - Weavings Manpower Solutions

A master vendor is one that can fulfil the majority of your permanent and temporary staffing needs on time and within budget. A master vendor solution can solve your hiring challenges. The master vendor recruitment model always studies your internal process to source the right candidates. As they are associated with your business for a long time, they know what your business needs. With this solution, you can get away from the hassles of managing different service charges and contracts can be avoided with the master vendor model.

Under a master vendor recruitment model, the client does not need to tie up with multiple recruitment agencies for different roles. A master vendor has connections with other recruitment services firms. A master vendor will source the recruitment demand from other vendors if they are not able to help a client. This saves the client a lot of time, money and resources as they do not need to hunt for other recruitment services themselves.

Master vendor recruitment is the fastest and the most efficient way to find a high-quality workforce. Now, let's see the advantages of master vendor recruitment services:

1. Hire super-fast

The hiring process is faster with the master vendor recruitment model. One, they have a multitude of pre-screened employees that could be quickly deployed. Second, the master vendor has a big network of connections with several recruiting agencies. This connection and access to their manpower help them quickly find reliable candidates.

The master vendor is supposed to know your business process very well. Therefore, they will find qualified professionals who are most suitable for your internal processes.

2. Easily find experts and professionals with niche skills

The master vendor has a deep understanding of the internal processes for each client. Accordingly, they prepare tailor-made hiring strategies and action plans that include the needs of the organization, preference for hiring trends and whatever specifications the employer wants in relation to hiring for various roles in enterprise roles and specific positions.

Also, the master vendor recruitment model can make hiring niche skills super easy. The master vendor usually deputes a senior manager to work closely with the client. These senior managers are individuals with professional experience in the client sector. This experience and their wide network will help you find suitable candidates, even for positions that require a rare or complex combination of skill sets, competencies and functional knowledge.

3. Flexibility to scale

The master vendor can offer a tailor-made hiring structure for each client. Whenever an employer needs to hire a large number of professionals in a very short time, a top-notch staffing firm like Weavings can meet this demand efficiently. In addition, it becomes easier to manage the scaling up or down of operations in line with the increase or decrease in customer requirements.

4. Get more control over your hiring results

The client has an option to have a say at every step of the hiring process underway. Only master vendors can afford to be transparent owing to their long-term relationship with the client. Other small manpower vendors will never share recruitment data or accept interference in the hiring process. Since the client has access to the hiring process, the results or outcomes are always fantastic.

Final thoughts

A master vendor solution is an ideal arrangement to procure high-quality manpower, including that of niche skill sets. Since this arrangement offers a great degree of flexibility, scalability, accountability and most importantly it is super affordable for the client.

A master vendor solution is a win-win for the clients as well as the recruitment agencies. Not only it helps in mitigating the hiring woes, but it helps lower the hiring bills substantially.

Weavings is equipped with the latest technology resources to provide best-in-class manpower solutions. Our wide network and team of experts ensure you always get only the best outcomes. 

If you are thinking of master vendor recruitment model, feel free to connect with our experts today to discuss your manpower needs, our experts will guide you with the best solutions.

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