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Types of Staffing Services Offered by Staffing Agencies in India

Types of Staffing Services Offered by Staffing Agencies in India

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  • What Are Staffing Services?
  • Types of Staffing Services Offered by Staffing Agencies
  • Other Services Staffing Agencies Provide
  • Key Notes
  • FAQs

Staffing services are quickly becoming the most commonly sought-after staffing system for companies. Services they offer such as contract staffing services are convenient, cost-efficient, and requirement-specific. Even if the requirement is for a short amount of time or longer, these services deliver.

This blog explores the full range of staffing services a recruitment agency provides. It also looks at how companies can use and benefit from each type of staffing.

What Are Staffing Services?

Staffing agencies connect candidates to matching job opportunities. These job contracts can range from many years (permanent) to months (contractual) or a few weeks (temporary). Staffing agencies handle the entire employment cycle - from recruitment to onboarding, training, retention, and termination.

Companies can approach these agencies to find the right candidate for the position. They deliver skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled staff in a short time frame and cost-efficiently.

Advantages of hiring a staffing agency for staffing requirements:

  • Reduced burden on the human resources department
  • Immediate access to suitable candidates
  • Cost-efficient hiring
  • High flexibility to adapt to market conditions
  • Opportunity to scale up or down in a short time

Find out how a strong recruitment (Staffing Services) system helps your company.

Types of Staffing Services Offered by Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies don?t just offer permanent or contract staffing services. They usually offer a combination of staffing services. To aid organisations in establishing an effective staffing system and efficient workforce, they offer many staffing services.

Here is a list of the services offered by staffing agencies.

1. Contract Staffing Services

Contract staff refer to staff that are only hired for certain periods of time (contracts) and are not permanent employees. There are several reasons why a business would require staff on a short-term basis.

Contract staffing services are necessary to

  • Adapt to modern business landscapes
  • Deliver according to demand fluctuations
  • Gain the right candidate for the requirement
  • Survive in unpredictable markets
  • Save time and money on recruitment

Staffing agencies deliver contract staff candidates on an immediate basis. This is due to the large network these agencies build. It results in a reduced wastage of a company's time and money.

Within the domain of contract staffing services, companies can choose special requirements such as:

  • Blue collar staff
  • Support staff
  • Sales staff
  • Supply chain staff

2. Temporary Staffing Services

Temporary staff are contract staff who are usually hired on an emergency basis for a very short time. These are mostly necessary when permanent staff are on extended leave or particular short-term projects with specialised requirements arise.

Find out how staffing services cater to Temporary Staffing needs.

These temporary staff are able to cover for staff. With the help of a staff recruitment agency, companies will find temporary staff for any position and department. This service helps when time is a priority.

3. Permanent Staffing Services

Permanent staffing is the most common type of staffing that all companies are familiar with. It involves hiring staff for an extended period, ranging in years. The company uses permanent staff as their asset who make up the majority of the workforce.

While contract and temporary staff enrich the workforce, permanent staffing services help maintain a fixed set of staff. Having a diverse workforce consisting of different staff provides better services and a wider range of skills.

Staffing agencies know that having the right people in the right roles can make a great difference to a company. As a result, numerous companies benefit from accelerated growth and high competitiveness by using permanent staff.

Industries that can benefit from a partnership with a staff recruitment agency are IT, Finance and Accounting, Engineering, FMCG, and Healthcare, among others.

4. Master Vendor Services

Are you wondering what master vendor services are and how they help your company?These services pave the way for streamlined recruitment and staffing processes from start to finish.

This allows companies to enhance their efficiency. They will only deal with a single staff recruitment agency for all staffing requirements.

The advantages of master vendor services are:

  • Single agency to manage all staffing requirements
  • Accurate and timely invoice generation
  • Access to a wider talent pool
  • Strict compliance with staffing policies
  • Financial savings
  • Professional staffing services from a reliable partnership

With master vendor services, companies don't have to juggle dealing with multiple staffing agencies. They seamlessly deal with all the staffing needs of the company. Through a longer partnership, the agency understands the company's staffing preferences.

Other Services Staffing Agencies Provide

Staffing agencies are not only used for finding the right staff. They do offer or combine other services with their staffing services. Examples of these services are:

  • Compliance and statutory services
  • Payroll services
  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Companies lacking the appropriate resources can opt for these services that offer convenience and cost-efficiency. So, in addition to the contract, permanent, or temporary staffing services, companies can also obtain additional services.

Key Notes

Partnering with a staff recruitment agency provides companies with greater flexibility. This is possible through the ability to source the best candidate for a certain project.

Staffing services include:

  • Contract staffing
  • Temporary staffing
  • Permanent staffing

In addition to those services, partnering with the top recruitment agency in India, Weavings Manpower Solutions also offers payroll services, compliance and statutory, and Human Resource Information System (HRIS) services.

Are you ready to transform your company's workforce with our specialised staffing solutions? To streamline hiring and access the best candidates, contact us today!


Can a workforce contain permanent and contract employees?

Yes, a company can employ both permanent and contract staffing services. It can provide diversity in skills and office culture while meeting requirements perfectly. Having both sets of employees will provide strength and flexibility to the organisation.

How does hiring a staffing agency help a company?

Partnering with staffing agencies allows companies to find staff appropriate to their requirements. That too, in the shortest possible time frame. This enables saving on hiring costs and ensures productivity and quality remain intact. It also provides flexibility to scale up or down easily, if or when necessary.

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