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What is HRIS? Why should you go for HRIS solutions?

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What is HRIS? Why should you go for HRIS solutions?

HRIS is an abbreviation for Human Resource Information System. HRIS solutions are intended to ease out HR activities of an organisation. HRIS helps in data management, managing HR activities, handling payroll and recruitment. In simple words, HRIS is an all-in-one HR management tool through which an organisation can handle the entire gamut of HR operations flawlessly.

HRIS solutions are mostly hosted on the organisation's servers. However, they can also be hosted in the cloud or a third-party vendor. In common parlance, HRIS is also called HRMS (Human Resource Management System), simply because these software solutions help in managing the entire HR function.

Today, most HRIS solutions offer customized systems based on the unique needs of an organization. We shall try to find the reasons why you should go for an HRIS solution for your organisation.

1. Database management

An HRIS solution makes database management a breeze. The HR team can easily enter all HR data into the system. The types of data stored in the system range from salary information, designation, date of joining, emergency contact details, education history, training records and performance evaluation scores. The database forms the centre of all HR functionality and can prove to be an effective online tool for a paperless office.

2. Time management

The HRIS can manage daily attendance, half-day leaves and leaves very effectively without any manual intervention. Most HRIS solutions support an online login facility, which is very useful for Work From Home scenarios or offsite staff who work from their home locations. This functionality keeps seamless date and time records that are used for calculating monthly salaries.

3. Payroll function

Salary is one of the most important functions of human resources. An effective HRIS solution will help the organisation to do error-free calculations, incorporate all statutory deductions and compute income tax provisions correctly. This leads to disbursing salaries at a pre-defined timetable a very easy-looking job.

4. Employee interface

A new-age company gives freedom to its employees to update personal information, check and download salary slips, change retirement benefit programs, update direct deposit information, add or edit persons from the medical insurance scheme, make changes in the Flexi-pay component among other options. All this is possible through the employee interface of the HRIS solution.

5. Acquisition and retention of human resources

Acquiring and retaining the right people is the way organisations want to grow. No wonder, recruitment and retention is the most revered feature of an HRIS solution. Recruiting the right people is just the first step towards a talent puzzle. Employees also need to be provided with appropriate training, career paths and compensation plans to enable growth, motivation and a work-life balance. HRIS tools handle employee lifecycle effectively and efficiently.


Choosing an HRIS solution can help your business run smoothly as it fully automates the most critical function of your company - HR. Not only this makes life easier for the HR guys, but it positively impacts every manpower through its user-friendly functionalities. A forward-looking company in today's age just cannot imagine thriving without an HRIS solution. Weavings is offering one of the best HRIS solutions in India at competent prices.


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