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Why do Companies Hire Staffing Agencies for Recruitment?

Hire Staffing Agencies for Recruitment

Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • What Does Staffing Services in India Comprise of?
  • Contract Staffing Services Deliver the Best Skilled Candidates
  • Companies Save Time & Money With Staffing Services
  • Partnering With the Best Staffing Services Provider Reduces the Risk
  • Temporary Staffing Services Reduce Dependency on Permanent Staff
  • Hiring, Onboarding, Payroll, & Compliance - Managed by Your Temporary Staffing Services Provider
  • Staffing Services Help Your Company Stay Competitive
  • Conclusion
  • FAQ's


Talent acquisition happens to be one of the most difficult tasks a company has to deal with. The workforce also happens to be the core of every business. Now, companies are no longer alone in this uphill task.

Staffing services have taken the stage There are so many reasons why India's industries are turning to a services provider for quality candidates in India.

What Does Staffing Services in India Comprise of?

In India, staffing and recruitment services offer companies reliable access to qualified and experienced individuals. Not only are these skilled professionals suitable for the job, they are available immediately.

What else can these staffing companies offer a business? Here are the additions:

  • Pre-vetted candidates with updated qualifications and experience details
  • Time and cost-efficient hiring and recruitment processes
  • Seamless onboarding process
  • Handling of all paperwork
  • Payroll and compliance services

A staffing company can effectively handle the hiring process from start to finish. This includes all the boring and time-consuming documentation processes.

Contract Staffing Services Deliver the Best Skilled Candidates

Staffing companies are in a good position to provide companies with the best candidates. This is because staffing companies in India have a massive network. Each candidate is categorised based on industry, qualifications, experience, and skills.

This way the company can easily select candidates based on exact requirements and their matchups. Companies can ask for candidates with a certain skill or a certain number of years of experience.

Also, the companies will not have to check again whether the candidate is credible or not. The staffing services provider would have already thoroughly checked the candidate's skills.

Companies can rest easy knowing that the candidate they receive can make a difference immediately.

Companies Save Time & Money With Staffing Service

A staffing agency's network constantly grows. New candidates are entered into the database after interviews and practicals. Meanwhile, the data of existing candidates is updated to remain relevant.

This eliminates the time-consuming and costly processes that the companies would use to accomplish the tasks. Altogether, companies will save so much time and money by skipping the whole task of hiring.

Also, companies that lack the human resources for hiring will benefit greatly from the best staffing services provider. This is because they won't have to hire and rely on an internal human resources department.

Another way companies can save money with contract staff is by eliminating other costs associated with:

  • Tax calculation
  • EPFO
  • ESIC
  • LWF
  • Insurance
  • Statutory labour reports

Partnering With the Best Staffing Services Provider Reduces the Risk

Most companies have to go through the tiresome and risky period of trying out newly hired staff. It is a time of uncertainty for them as they are not fully aware of the candidate's capabilities.

But, with a staffing company, companies don't have to worry about this. These service providers ensure the candidates are reliable and qualified. Furthermore, they are up-to-date with all contracts, company processes, and ethics.

Another advantage of having the best staffing partner is the ability to absorb market changes. Companies in India are subject to market demand which increases and drops regularly.

Likewise, companies can adjust workforce numbers with the help of contract staff.

Temporary Staffing Services Reduce Dependency on Permanent Staff

Depending too much on permanent staff can be a problem for companies. Especially when they do not have any backup staff. Unexpected resignations or poor performance can affect companies negatively.

This is where contract staffing can help a business avoid these negative situations. These services work to reduce permanent staff dependency. Any company can hire staff when most required for a specific amount of time.

These candidates are all aware of the contractual basis on which the company will employ them. So there will be no unexpected lay-offs or expectations.

Hiring, Onboarding, Payroll, & Compliance - Managed by Your Temporary Staffing Services Provider

Accurate services are something every company needs, large or small. Hiring recruitment services comes with the option to hire additional services.

These services would cost the company a lot of money and time. Also, there would be no guarantee of accuracy.

This makes the professional services of staffing companies much more desirable. Not only this, but they are also much more cost-efficient than in-house management. Since they are professionals, they are also able to complete all the processes faster.

An added perk is companies hiring staffing agencies can benefit from the latest updates in recruitment. They also benefit from any software used for hiring, payroll, and compliance management.

Outsourcing all these recruitment and staff management services allows companies to focus on business.

Staffing Services Help Your Company Stay Competitive

The concept of hiring contract and temp staff is not new. This concept has been circulating for a while now. Other companies are using it and your competitors might also be.

Another reason to hire contract staff lies in the fact that your competitors already are. Starting to hire staff from agencies can put you on par or ahead of them. Having the right workforce makes the biggest difference as it affects quality and output.

Companies can at least help companies to stay ahead, even in tough times.


The decision to enlist staffing services from an expert staffing agency is a wise strategic approach. Companies will acquire better talent on an immediate basis that is also cost-effective. These staffing agencies are ready to provide the best-skilled contract staff to help companies mitigate risks.

With an ever-changing market, companies can utilise the large network of staffing companies in India.


Q.) How do specialised staffing services aid companies?

Ans. The candidates these agencies obtain are already vetted. Their qualifications and skill sets have been assessed in-depth. This means companies will not have to waste time and money to do it. Also, companies can plan and execute better knowing they can source skilled and experienced candidates.

Q.) Can partnering with a staffing agency help companies stay informed about market trends?

Ans. Yes, it can. Staffing companies actively monitor what is happening in the recruitment world. As a result, they are aware of the latest trends, salaries, market demand, and hiring strategies.

Q.) Does hiring contract staff compromise company culture?

Ans. Companies can still maintain a good culture and reputation with contract staff. These staff can still be incorporated just like permanent staff and contribute to company culture.

Q.) Can companies hire contract staff for longer periods?

Ans. Yes, companies can choose to renew or extend their contracts. With the help of the staffing agency, the company can even choose to make them more permanent staff. But, this is assuming the candidate is open to the idea.

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